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Hans and Jennifer's Water World

One of Joe's greatest attributes is his ability to visualize and then build out that vision.  In this respect, he is an artist and an engineer working with water, fire and rock.  The recent installation shown in the photo below is another example of how these elements have been integrate to create an expansive backyard water-world: pool, spa, water falls, water caves, wine cellar, fiber optic lighting, fire pits, fire tower and many other feature not all shown by this single photo.  One of the interesting aspects of this installation was the home owner's request to maintain the tree house that Grandpa had built.  The tree house (not show in this photo) has been nicely integrated into the installation.  

Just prior to a shoot for Joe, he always asks us to get a good overall shot of the installation.  This is sometimes a challenge especially when they are large installations, like the one shown in this photo.  We always use a ladder to get up high but that sometimes isn't enough.  Joe and I have discussed bringing in a helicopter and taking photos, that's an option which we might do in the future.   This time, to get a good overall shot of this installation I attached my camera to a long pole and swung it up and over the pool.   That worked!

Hans and JenniferOverview South East End


Pete Cron(non-registered)
Wow, really great. It fits nicely with the house. Spectacular.
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