John Guild - Photography | A Place of Happy Family Gatherings

A Place of Happy Family Gatherings

The backyard was narrow but lovely with a beautiful home on one side and a wooded golf course on the other.  As a result, the technique was to custom fit the garden spa using a free flowing design of water, fire, natural stone and light.  A covered stone patio with an outdoor kitchen was fitted between the garden spa and home.  The arrangement of garden spa, patio and outdoor kitchen was set like a jewel within the allotted space.  When I look at this creation I see a place of both peaceful contemplation and happy family gatherings.  I have taken a lot of photos of Joe's garden spas and it's hard to pick a favorite as they are all unique but this one ranks high on my list as one of the best.  Nice work Joe! - J Guild    
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I love it.
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