John Guild - Photography | Rainbow Spas: Sitting in a Work of Art

Rainbow Spas: Sitting in a Work of Art

The images below underline just how colorful these rainbow type spas can be.  These photos are ones I shot of Joe DiPaulo's rainbow spas.  The colors reflected in the water as the light passes through the colored translucent bricks can be spectacular.  The bottom photo is taken with me setting in the spa, dome of color bricks surrounding me and Barbara's face reflected in the glass.  I used a very wide angle lens which resulted in an interesting image distortion of the dome.  For me, sitting in a rainbow spa is like sitting in a work of art - J Guild




John, your ability to take these subjects and interpret them using your talent and style magnifies its impact and beauty. Your dream like and surreal studies make you feel apart of what you capture.
Margaret Guild Lambert(non-registered)
these are just awe inspiring! Beautiful work and photography - and no, I'm not at all biased. Love the work both of you do.
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