John Guild - Photography | Rainbow Spas: A Riot of Color

Rainbow Spas: A Riot of Color

The sun shines through a dome of translucent colored tiles creating a stunning rainbow in the spa below. The fire pit adds drama and warmth during cool evenings. The fiber optic lighting that rings the base of the spa cycles through a palette of colors creating a unique artistic setting. This custom spa is for those looking for an intimate but stimulating experience.


Rainbow Spa


Andrea Bloom(non-registered)
I dream of this spa often. This photo is emblazoned on my mind, stirring me incessantly.

My thoughts today swirl around materials - where did these bricks come from, are they painted or integrally-colored? Are they a meaty 6" thick or are they delicate and thin? Are they stacked using only the inherent strength of a dome or are they reinforced in a frame of sorts with a stem wall?

In my mind and in the picture, they glisten and sparkle, delighting and enrapturing me.

Thank you for sharing your photo and allowing me to share my reaction to it.
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