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Picking  favorites is tough for me, I like them all. Nevertheless, let me try.  I selected three favorites:

1) This is from a Joe DiPaulo shoot I did in 2010.  Joe had built a gorgeous garden spa to fit the backyard of a home of in the Houston area.  This image is from that spa shoot.  It was captured after placing Barbara on a jump bridge spanning a 'stream' between two ends of the spa.  It was early morning, the sun was just coming up, the air was chilly, the light was long and the colors were saturated - perfect conditions.  I like this image; the human figure draws in the viewer eyes while the fire towers sweep the eye from left to right.  This garden spa is included in the Kevin and Leah folder found at:  Kevin and Leah's place   

Texas Morning


2) Next favorite: Chelsea Rose.  This photo was taken with the camera directly above the subject looking straight down.  It's not easy to capture a shot like this; just think about the camera setup required to capture this shot and do it well- in focus, positioned correctly, proper lighting, etc.   With cameras now having 'live view' and flip out view finders it's easier to take this type of shoot but it still takes some skill to capture a really compelling, professional, high quality image.   Here is a link to this photo shoot: Chelsea Rose


3) This final favorite is from my Extreme Floral series.  This series attempts to push the boundaries of floral photography.  The world is filled with wonderful, gorgeous photos of flowers.  I wanted to try something different.  With respect to this series, integrating flowers with barb wire, rope, beads then wrapping it all in a bundle is a standard practice (for me :).  The image was capture in our spa/water cave (a backyard installation that Joe built for us in 2008). During capture, the camera was several inches above the water line.  Here is a link to other Extreme Florals: Extreme Florals



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