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This is one of my favorite Stone Mason pools; a Joe DiPaulo masterpiece for sure.  The photo below shows an endless pool built in the backyard of John & Vicki (located in South Texas).  The home is on a lake.   Looking towards the back of the pool you will see a swim through waterfall.  The entrance to the waterfall opens up into a lagoon which is shown in the next photo.  To take the first shot I was standing just in front of the outdoor kitchen which is shown in the third photo below (that is Barbara sitting at the kitchen bar.) 

Many features of this pool are not shown by these three photos.  For instance, there are five 6' fire towers that ring the installation (you can see two fire towers in the photo below).  These fire towers are lit by natural gas.  At night these fire towers create a spectacular setting.  With the fire bouncing shadows throughout the area and reflecting off the pool water, it feels as though you are in another world; an exotic wild jungle camp.  Also not shown is the meditation alcove tucked away among the rocks forming the waterfalls.  Finally, a garden spa, fiber optic lighting, an extensive stone patio and marble work rounds out a truly magical waterworld. 

You can see more of this installation here: John & Vicki's place

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