John Guild - Photography | Summer Time

Summer Time


Just when I think that Joe has reached his creative peak, he pulls out another white rabbit.  In this case it's not just a gorgeous lush garden stream with a relaxing waterfall; no no, it's all that but also a massive installation dropping 20 feet in evaluation over the course of 250 feet, from the start to finish.  The start is topped with a 15 foot waterfall that spills into a pond. The other end terminates with a pond.  In between, the stream courses down smaller waterfalls and through mini ponds.  It's made with natural rock and trimmed out with various plants and flowers.  It's very cool.  Nice work Joe!!  You are a true artist.   Below is an image of the installation taken with me standing on top of the waterfalls looking down.  A beautiful visa.  You can see more of this photo shoot here:

Trinity Pines


From Above




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