John Guild - Photography | Three Recent Pool/Spa Shoots

Three Recent Pool/Spa Shoots

Summer is here and with it comes luxury pool and spa photo shoots.  I've completed three in the last 10 days.  


Shane's Place:

The first photo is a Stone Mason spa installed a year ago.  In conjunction with this spa, a patio enclosure was built with plants and vines meant to grow and provide cover.  Obviously, there were no vines a year ago when the spa was first installed.  Shooting this installation last week the story was considerably different, the patio was covered with vines.  The effect was very cool.

Here is the link


Garden Spa


Trinity Pines

Joe really knows how to build a waterfall.  Done with natural rock, it's very natural.  Here is a waterfall built by Stone Mason at Trinity Pines.  Trinity Pines is a resort in central Texas.

Here is the link:


Garden Stream



Cordie's Place

This is an example of how you can work color into a spa/pool setting using with color tiles (1st photo) and fiber optic lighting (2 photo).  These two images are of the same luxury pool and spa: Cordie's pool and spa, built by Stone Mason.

Here's the link:


Casting Colors

After Dark







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