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Joe DiPaulo Water Caves

One of the things that Joe does very well is incorporate caves into his installations.  Naturally, only real rock is used.  These caves generally provide openings into the pool, lagoon or spa area.  Several of my favorites are shown in the photos below.


Massive Water Caves:

Below is a massive cave connecting the pool to the lagoon.  For this installation there was actually two of these caves side-by-side.  If you look closely at the photo immediate below this one you will see these two caves (look at the left side of the photo).

Water CaveWater Cave

Luxury Pool - View From Spa FallsLuxury Pool - View From Spa Falls


Another massive water cave. Not shown in this photo is the water fall spilling over the cave entrance. With the water fall providing a curtain, the area within the cave becomes an enchanted place of seclusion.

Water Cave, GrottoWater Cave, Grotto


Swim-Through Caves:

Another type of cave that Joe builds is a swim-through cave that connects the pool to the water slide, such as the one below:

Water Cave, GrottoWater Cave, GrottoSteve & Dana Neal Spa, Spring Cypress



Rock Selection for Caves:

The rocks used to construct the cave can be very large.  Looking at the entrance to the pool cave in the photo below, the 'curve' rock is several tons and 10 foot high.  Joe has a good eye for selecting the rocks to be used for his caves; this curved entrance rock was a good pick; it makes for a very dramatic entry into the cave.

Entrance to Water Cave, GrottoEntrance to Water Cave, Grotto


Bridging Caves:

Joe's water caves are not always massive, they can be small but artfully placed to bridge pool features.  An example of a 'bridging' cave is the one shown below. This one bridges a garden spa on the left to a lagoon on the right.  On both sides of this bridging cave are water falls.  By the way, that is Barbara in the middle while I'm holding my camera in front of Barbara desperately trying to keep it dry as I take the shot :)

Water Cave, GrottoWater Cave, Grotto


Caves with Internal Pathways:

Joe's caves can have several internal path ways. The cave below shows a path to a lagoon (off to the left) and a path to the backyard (off to the right):  In the photo immediately below this photo you will see this cave (look to the right) shown as an intregal part of the pool installation.

Lagoon EntranceLagoon Entrance

Luxury Pool - View From BarLuxury Pool - View From Bar


Water Cave - Recreation & Relaxation:

Water caves can be a source of fun and relaxation as shown by the two photos below:


Water Cave, Grott0Water Cave, Grott0


Water Caves at Night:

During the evening, a water cave entrance to a pool or lagoon can be a very dramatic when combined with underwater fiber optic lighting as shown in the photo below:

Lagoon Entrance - NightLagoon Entrance - Night


Cave Entries:

The entrance to the water cave can be trimmed out with custom stone steps as shown in the photo below:

Lagoon Cave EntranceLagoon Cave Entrance



The caves that Joe DiPaulo, Stone Mason of Spring, design and build are really works of landscape art existing as subset of the larger pool design.  I've never seen anything quite like these caves, it has been a pleasure to photograph them.


-John Guild




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